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教程-Essentials of Android Application Development
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In just a few short years, Android has become the mainstream smartphone operating system. As Android evolves to accommodate a growing ecosystem of phones, tablets, and even TVs, understanding how to work with a variety of sensors, screen sizes, and operating system versions is vital.

In this video series, Android developer Ian G. Clifton takes a tutorial-style approach to teaching the viewer how to work with all the essential parts of the Android SDK. Each lesson builds onto a single app, utilizing new features and ultimately resulting in a reference app that can be easily used to see how to implement everything from Fragments and sensors to OpenGL and RenderScript. Although built for Android 4.x, the videos cover how to target devices running earlier versions of Android by using the support library and version-specific resources in an application to ensure the widest possible audience.

About the Author:
Ian G. Clifton is a professional Android application developer with a lot of experience working on both the client and server. His excitement for Android development is second only to by his passion for sharing that knowledge with others. Having worked as the lead developer on several major Android apps (e.g., CNET News, Survivor, Big Brother, Rick Steves’ Audio Europe, etc.), he has honed his ability to teach other developers the Android platform and best coding practices. Ian is also the author of the upcoming book Android User Interface Design, which explains Android design principles, thoroughly covering the design process from ideas, wireframes, and comps to a completed app. It also discusses advanced graphical techniques. When he manages to find a few minutes where he isn’t developing apps, creating tools to support application development, recording videos, or writing books, Ian enjoys photography, drawing, and video games.