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AutoCrypt 2.4 MacOS
AutoCrypt,加密/解密應用一種獨特的方法。 使用一個基於文檔的應用,AutoCrypt讓用戶保存在一個文檔中設置使用aes - 256用於加密文件加密算法 使用這些文件,AutoCrypt可用於加密和解密的批處理大量的文件。

AutoCrypt 2.x | macOS 

AutoCrypt, is an encryption/decryption app with a document-based approach. Using a document , AutoCrypt lets the user save in a document all the settings used to encrypt or decrypt collections of files using a powerful AES-256 algorithm. Using these documents, AutoCrypt can be used for encryption and decryption batch process of large quantity of files in a single click.

AutoCrypt uses the latest Apple technology:
- Sandbox: The app works at the Maximum security level
- Resume: the app will reopen at the point and state the user left it
- Auto save: the app saves using the Mac OS X autosave functionality
- Versions: the user can look at previous versions of documents and restore to any earlier version
- Full Screen: the user can switch at any time to full screen using the native macOS full screen mode and commands
- Asynchronous tasks

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit