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  商品名稱: BitMedic AntiVirus 2.7 MacOSX - 惡意軟件查殺工具
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BitMedic AntiVirus 2.7 MacOSX - 惡意軟件查殺工具
BitMedic AntiVirus Mac版是一款Mac平台的廣告軟件惡意軟件查殺工具,是一款可以幫你快速、實時地查找系統中存在的廣告軟件和惡意軟件的工具,儘管說 OS X 也算是比較安全的系統,但最近也被爆出有不少惡意軟件了,覺得需要的朋友還是可以試試的。

BitMedic AntiVirus 2.x | MacOSX | 
BitMedic AntiVirus - Malware & Adware Security was designed specifically for the Mac and offers a full suite of protection. BitMedic gives you simple 3-step protection to give you the utmost security and keep your Mac safe from attacks.

- #1 Fastest and most secure Real-time AntiVirus & Adware App on Mac App Store. Tested & certified.
- Designed for Mac. Virus & adware database updated multiple times per day. 24/7 real-time protection!
- As seen on OPSWAT Certified Products, Brothersoft, and many more! Awarded Best New AntiVirus App!

The Full Mac Scan offers 2 options. Quick Scan will quickly and efficiently scan the most critical locations of your Mac. Our proprietary algorithm makes this a painless and quick process, allowing you to conveniently scan your Mac more frequently. For Maximum protection, deep scan will check every critical location for potential threats. Custom Scan supports drag & drop for ease of use. Health Monitor gives 24/7 real-time protection, scanning every change to the folders being monitored.

3 Step Adware Protection
- Adware Scanner! Good-bye pop-up adware scams!
- Remove adware browser add-ons that hijack your navigation.
- Reset your web browsers to default settings

BitMedic also offers Adware protection! Scan your Mac to remove adware. Advanced settings allow users to remove adware browser extensions and add-ons. You can also reset your web browser back to its default settings. Know that Adware and Malware are different! You'll need to use "Adware Scan" for Adware and Quick/Deep scan for Malware.

- Adware scanner
- High Performance Multi-threaded Virus Scanner
- Virus database automatic background updates
- 24/7 Real-time protection
- Optimized for performance
- Works silently in the background
- Supports all mail, archive, executable, and document files
- Multiple scanning options
- Exclude files/disks/folders to speed up scanning
- 1-click removal to send to quarantine or trash
- Easily schedule scans
- Drag & drop support
OS - MacOSX 10.8 or Later
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