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  商品名稱: iBarcoder 3.9.9 MacOS -條形碼生成軟件
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iBarcoder 3.9.9 MacOS -條形碼生成軟件
iBarcoder for mac是一款非常實用的條形碼生成軟件。無論您是小型,中型還是大型組織,我們的mac條形碼生成器都可以輕鬆創建任意數量的彩色條形碼標籤,並以您自己的風格,任何尺寸或形狀創建。它允許您設計和打印自己的條形碼標籤,貼紙和標籤。為零售包裝,書籍,貼紙等創建條形碼圖形。並且可以隨意改變其大小,非常的實用!

The Cristallight iBarcoder is professional mac barcode generator for creating any number of individual, or sequential barcodes, printing them as colorful barcode labels in your own style, of any size, or shape, or exporting them as graphic image files in common vector and raster image formats.

The iBarcoder makes it really easy to design and print barcode labels, stickers, tags on your mac in just a few steps. Use our mac barcode software to produce barcodes of more then 40 1-D and 2-D (Datamatrix and QR Code, etc.) barcode symbologies.

Use printers - Inkjet, Laser, Direct Thermal, or any other special barcode printers. The images created by our mac barcode generator software are 100% Scannable with any scanners.

Smart, intuitive bulk barcode maker software

Create professional barcoded labels with a few mouse clicks,
Live barcode preview feature,
Modify mac barcode by changing types, sizes and other attributes intrinsic to a given barcode symbology,
Rotate generated barcode image,
Label layout preview functionality,
Print barcodes directly to your printer using standard Avery label formats provided,
Create and save your own custom label formats,
Export barcodes either as high-resolution (up to 4800 dpi) image files, or vector graphics:

PDF (vector)
EPS (vector)
photoshop and more…

Set RGB or CMYK color spaces,
Add the desired barcode Font and Color,
Copy, then paste finished graphics right to Adobe illustrator, InDesign, photoshop, or other software from clipboard.

Requires macOS 10.7 or later
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