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  商品名稱: Shortcut Bar 1.8.14 MacOSX-快速訪問文件和文件夾工具
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Shortcut Bar 1.8.14 MacOSX-快速訪問文件和文件夾工具
Shortcut Bar for Mac 是一個非常方便的應用程序,可以快速訪問您的文件和文件夾,連接到您需要閃電般快速訪問的文件,文件夾,應用程序和網絡書籤。Shortcut Bar 附加在你的菜單欄上,並允許您添加無限數量的快捷方式。無論何時您需要訪問這些重要的文件和文件夾,只需單擊菜單欄圖標,然後從下拉列表中選擇該項目。Shortcut Bar 將節省您的時間,加快您的工作流程。

Shortcut Bar - an incredibly user-friendly application, with it you get quick access to files, folders, and applications that you need. Appendix "lives" in the menu bar and allows you to add an unlimited number of shortcuts. Whenever you need access to these important files and folders, just click on the icon in the menu bar and choose an item from the drop-down list. The app will save you time and streamline your workflow.

- Add as many files, folders and applications, no matter how much you want for instant access
- Sort files and folders in groups with titles
- Folders and files are represented with their corresponding icon
- Choose whether or not to open it by clicking on the icon in the Finder or open the item itself
- Choose whether to run the application when you log in or not

- Ultra-fast access to any file / folder / application
- No more multiple transitions in the Finder directory to find exactly what you are looking for and use on a regular basis
- Save time and increase productivity

OS - MacOSX 10.8 or Later
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