商品編號: DVD11740
  商品名稱: Fileloupe – Media Browser 1.6 macOS-媒體瀏覽器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Fileloupe – Media Browser 1.6 macOS-媒體瀏覽器
媒體瀏覽器最快的方式瀏覽照片、 觀看視頻、 查看 Pdf 和預覽文檔在您的 mac。

現有解決方案不同,Fileloupe 不需要冗長的導入過程,不使用主庫和永遠不會移動或複製您的文件以任何方式。與 Fileloupe 的廣泛支持不同類型的文件,您不再需要打開多個窗口或多個應用程序若要快速查看文件夾的內容。

它很容易從幾個文件縮放到成千上萬的文件,旨在允許您預覽您的文件,盡快,無論其位於何處。同時還提供許多其他格式通過第三方插件實現蘋果的直觀技術預覽支持具有對圖像、 視頻和 pdf 文件的本機支持。

macOS 10.10 or later | Language: English |

Fileloupe is an exceptionally fast way to browse photos, watch videos, view PDFs, and preview documents. Period. Unlike existing solutions, Fileloupe does not require a lengthy import process, does not use a master library, and never moves or copies your files in any way. With Fileloupe's broad support for different types of files, you no longer have to open multiple windows or multiple applications to quickly view the contents of a folder. It easily scales from just a few files up to tens of thousands of files, and is designed to allow you to preview your files as quickly as possible, regardless of where they are located. It has native support for images, videos, and PDFs, while offering preview support for many other formats via third-party plugins that implement Apple's QuickLook technology.