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  商品名稱: Xliff Editor MacOS-Xliff文件編輯軟件
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Xliff Editor MacOS-Xliff文件編輯軟件
Xliff Editor Mac版是一款很實用的Mac Xliff文件編輯軟件。這個軟件擁有編輯XLIFF文件的最簡單的方法,在這裡,沒有更多的混亂的XML格式,你也不用擔心文件損壞,讓你更放心的編輯。

Xliff Editor 2.x | macOS | 
Xliff Editor - its fast to load, easy to use, and has a low memory footprint. Did we forget to mention Inline tag protection, Fuzzy search, intuitive shortcuts, multiple concurrent file editing and native spell checker. It also has some pretty nice customizations you can use to better suit your workflow.

Not all Xliff editors have been created equally. We've custom built our own XML parser to read even the most complex Xliff v1.2 files. Xliff Editor effortlessly handles Segmentation, Inline tags and Alternate translations.

Xliff Editor Features:

• Highlighted search
• Fuzzy search
• Spell checker
• Easy recognition of un-translated strings
• XLIFF, XLF file support
• SDLXIFF read support with export to XLIFF
• Support for alt-trans and seg-source nodes
• inline tag protection
• Support for editing Multiple files simultaneously
• Beautiful interface

**Currently only XLIFF v1.2 files are supported.

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit
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