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  商品名稱: 教程-After Effects Guru: Mastering Cameras and Lights
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教程-After Effects Guru: Mastering Cameras and Lights
After Effects提供了動態圖形和視覺特效的可能性。通過單擊開關,您可以將圖層轉換為3D並與攝像機和燈光交互。這些必不可少的工具允許您更改場景的外觀和感覺,增加即時深度和生產價值。在這期AE教程中,Nick Harauz將講解After Effects CC中使用相機和燈光的基本要點。瞭解如何在無限空間中保持地面接觸,界面導航以及使用多個攝像頭。瞭解如何利用AE腳本和AE表達式來控制和提高效率,並創建三點照明設置,為場景添加維度和豐富度。

MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch | Duration: 3h 2m
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub | 

After Effects offers a world of possibilities when it comes to motion graphics and VFX. With the click of a switch, you can turn layers into 3D and interact with cameras and lights. These indispensable tools allow you to change the look and feel of a scene, adding instant depth and production value. But before you dive in, there's some fundamentals you should master. In this course, Nick Harauz teaches the essentials of working with cameras and lights in After Effects CC. Learn how to stay grounded in infinite space, navigate in viewports, and work with multiple cameras. Discover how to leverage scripts and expressions for control and efficiency, and create three-point lighting setups to add dimension and richness to your scenes. Plus, get real-world examples of cameras and lights in a professional mograph design.

Topics include:
Making layers 3D
Comparing one- and two-node cameras
Moving and animating cameras
Using depth of field commands
Using ambient, point, parallel, and spot lights
Creating shadows
Cutting between multiple cameras
Photo projection mapping
Using expressions for cameras and lights
Leveraging useful plugins