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教程-Java Fundamentals: The Java Reflection API Method Handles
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The Reflection API brings class and object introspection to Java, on top of which Spring and Hibernate are built. This course covers object creation, field modification, and method invocation, as well as Method and Var handles for improved…

As a Java developer, mastering the reflection API allows you to build powerful frameworks that will bring advanced functionalities to your application. In this course, , you will learn how you can use reflection API efficiently. This API is very technical, so this course is organized around the study of two real-life use cases: the building of an Object Relational Mapper, on the model of Hibernate, and the creation of a dependency injection framework, on the model of Spring. First, you will understand how to introspect classes and objects and how to discover their structure. Next, you will learn how to build objects without knowing their class at compile time, to set values to their fields and to invoke their methods. Finally, you will understand the performance issues of this API, and be able to use method handles and var handles to fix these issues. By the end of this course, you will be able to master the reflection API that will help you in creating performant and versatile Java applications.