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Debookee 7.0.2 MacOSX-數據包分析工具
Debookee for mac是Mac os平台上的一款幫助用戶抓取網絡上的數據包的分析工具,Debookee for mac是一個非常實用的數據包抓取工具和網絡數據分析工具, 讓我們可以充分瞭解我們的設備是通過什麼發送接收數據, 收發的數據的相關信息是什麼等。


3、lanscan命令Pro的集成:要執行網絡的初始掃瞄,一個版本lanscan Pro集成在Debookee中。

Debookee 7x | MacOSX | 

Debookee is a Mac OS X application which allows you to see what your devices are sending over the network. Along with lots of others functionalities.
Intercept traffic from any device on your network
- Intercept the traffic from any device that is currently using your network
- Perfect to capture data from your mobile devices, iPhone, iPAD, Android...
- The interception is totally transparent: no network interruption

Real-time data packet capture analysis
- Friendly GUI but technical details
- Supports HTTP, DNS, TCP, DHCP, SIP, RTP (does NOT decrypt HTTPS yet)
- Soon to support IPv6, VoIP with RTP codec details, malformed packet, and more!

Find all devices that are connected to your network
- Auto-detection of interfaces: Airport, Ethernet, Virtual interfaces
- Display the IP address, MAC address and vendor associated
- Hostname resolution

HTTP header analyzer
- Easily discover the headers sent by your mobiles: iPAD, iPhone, Android ...
- Developers, check in an instant if your network development are ok
- Discover POST data sent in clear over the network

VoIP Traffic Analysis
- Traffic flow with SIP server and endpoint IP addresses
- Display all SIP signaling: REGISTER, INVITE, REFER, NOTIFY ...
- For each call, duration and number of RTP packets in real-time

Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.9 or later

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