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Altair SimSolid 2019.2.0.39 x64-結構分析軟件
ltair最近宣佈收購SIMSOLID,這是一種快速,準確,穩健的結構模擬仿真技術,無需進行幾何簡化,清理或網格劃分。 Altair Engineering是企業級工程軟件的領先供應商,包括solidThinking Evolve等等。


SIMSOLID是專為設計工程師開發的結構分析軟件。 它消除了幾何簡化和網格化,這是傳統FEA中最耗時和專業的兩項任務。

此外,SIMSOLID可以分析與傳統FEA不相關的複雜零件和大型組件,並在台式計算機上高效地完成。 SIMSOLID既快速又準確,使用獨特的多通道自適應分析控制解決方案的準確性。

Altair SimSolid 2019.2.0.39 | 
SIMSOLID’s unique technology completely eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming, expertise extensive and error prone tasks done in traditional FEA. With SIMSOLID, model preparation is done in minutes.

SimSolid is a next generation, high capacity, structural FEA.
• It uses new computational methods which operate on original, unsimplified,
CAD geometry and does not create a mesh
• SimSolid can solve very large assemblies on a standard desktop computer.
• SimSolid is the perfect complement to your existing CAE specific or CAD
embedded Simulation. It extends their analysis range to larger models and
provides feedback in seconds to minutes

SIMSOLID has been designed to analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA. SIMSOLID is tolerant of imprecise geometry. Its assembly connections are industry best at handling ragged contact surfaces with both gaps and overlapping geometry.

SIMSOLID is fast, real fast. Solution times are typically measured in second to minutes on a standard PC. With SIMSOLID, multiple design scenarios can be quickly analyzed and compared. And, accuracy can be specified on an individual part level allowing a rapid drill down to any level of detail that is required.

All SIMSOLID editions are directly integrated with the Onshape™, SolidWorks™ and Autodesk Fusion 360™ CAD systems. Since geometry simplification is not required, both CAD and SIMSOLID share an identical view of the full assembly hierarchy. Make a design change? SIMSOLID’s unique design studies are fully associative, so analysis updates are fast and painless. Don’t have Fusion 360, Onshape or SolidWorks? No problem, SIMSOLID can also read standard STL files from any CAD system.

Want even more? SIMSOLID Professional adds direct file support for all mainstream CAD systems including CATIA, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor and Solid Edge as well as many common neutral formats such as STEP, ACIS and Parasolid.

How does SIMSOLID’s workflow compare with traditional FEA? Here is one example of a 214 part assembly containing a variety of multi-scale parts – big and small, thick and thin walled.
With SIMSOLID, answers to guide design intent are available in minutes. Analysis can be used to evaluate every design iteration. With traditional FEA, the complexity of the geometry simplification and meshing process makes it impractical to incorporate analysis in the design workflow.
Still doing analysis the old way? Try SIMSOLID. Fast, robust and accurate – this is how design-analysis is supposed to work.

Product: Altair SimSolid
Version: 2019.2.0 Build 39
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : /
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even Or newer