商品編號: DVDXX13749
  商品名稱: Laser Photo Wizard Professional 5.2-圖像雕刻軟件
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Laser Photo Wizard Professional 5.2-圖像雕刻軟件
Laser Photo Wizard Professional是一款非常專業功能強大的圖像雕刻軟件。它具有Full系統的所有功能,包括3個轉換系統,疊加和簡單文本,但添加了編輯器,特殊效果和廣泛文本和圖像控制。而且很適合任何想要創建高質量激光準備圖像的人。

Laser Photo Wizard Pro is powerful software for creating images ready for Laser Photo Engraving. The system offers extensive controls to convert photos to grayscale black and white images. It then can use one of three effects to create pure black and white images for the laser.

Laser Photo Wizard Pro is intended for any one that wants to create high quality laser ready images.The Pro version has the all the features of the Full system including 3 conversion systems, overlays and simple text but adds the Editor, Special Effects and Extensive Text and Image control.

Have Fun, Make Money with Laser Photo Wizard Pro
Fun for your family: Put their images on wood or stone.
Create Plaques: Take your favored bible verse or saying and combine it with an image to create Plaques to give as gifts or sell. .
Another Way to Showcase your Photography: Now days everyone has a cell phone camera so it is hard to impress people with just a photo. Laser Engrave that photo and suddenly you have a unique offering
Enhance Woodworking Projects: Add a strip of flowers or a design to the edge of your next wooden box

New in Version 5
3D Gray takes a PNG file with a transparent background and creates a 3D like engraving. How it works is anyplace that is tranparent is changed to balck, the hightest engraving value. Any place that is not transparent is dithered using the selected dithering algorithem. You can select the gray level for the dithered image. Selecting a low number will make it look like the image is a raised cutout. Selecting a hight number will make it look like an engraved image. Selecting a min range number like 100 will give a 3D like apperance to the output. To do 3D Gray, Check the 3D Gray Box an select a dithering method.

Whats New in this version:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version