商品編號: EDU0282
  商品名稱: 2011年6月最新愛探險的朵拉純英文版第一季之Dora the explorer - Map adventures
  光碟片數: 1片
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2011年6月最新愛探險的朵拉純英文版第一季之Dora the explorer - Map adventures
07 Dora the explorer - Map adventures
Who do Dora and Boots turn to when they don't know where to go? To their trusty friend, Map, of course!
Lost Map:
Dora, Boots, Backpack, and Map are ready for another great day of adventure together. But when a big goofy bird mistakes Map for a stick and flies him all the way to a nest on top of Tallest Mountain, Dora and Boots need preschoolers' help to draw their own map and rescue their friend!
Super Map:
Dora, Boots, and preschoolers need to hurry back down Tallest Mountain to see the super-surprise awaiting them at Dora's house. Who is this a job for? Super Map! When Map puts on a magic cape and becomes a superhero, he can fly up high to give directions, use his super-breath and super-strength to move obstacles, and even help us stop Swiper!
Three Little Piggies:
Oh no! Three little piggies have escaped from their pen! Dora and Boots need your help to find the piggies before Swiper the Fox swipes their blue ribbons. Will you help rescue the three little piggies?
Lost andiFound:
Dora and Boots find a lost little Baby Blue Bird who speaks Spanish. She's wet and cold, and misses her mommy. Dora and Boots need your help to bring the Baby Blue Bird back to her mommy in the Little Blue Tree.