商品編號: MED1931d9
  商品名稱: 《超强金属打击乐》CineSamples.Kontakt.Design.Vol1.Metallurgy
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
DME0025--Digidesign ProTools LE 8.0 高級音頻創作 英文版
MED1745--Sound Ideas Network SFX CD059 音效素材
MED1701--Sound Ideas The SFX Kit CD6 音樂素材光碟
MED1667--Sound Ideas Blow Tools CD06 音樂素材光碟
MED1684--Sound Ideas Digiffects Series V Vintage FX CD11 音樂素材光碟


The more Kontakt has continued its dominance in the sampling market the less we find ourselves with a desire to reach for other samplers. In fact more often then not we find ourselves trying to get older material into Kontakt. However we know that mapping and polishing patches can be a very time consuming (and demoralizing) process. We decided to do the heavy lifting for you here, setting up all the parameters in a recipe just reacquiring some creativeness!

We teamed up with the talented sound designers at Boom Library to create the source sample material. Their source material, with our interface, makes for a great pairing. This is vol. 1 of many more to come.

Kontakt already offers a wide variety of tools for modifying a source sound into a finished, produced sound however in the shadow of a looming deadline more often then not we are forced to use Kontakt pre-sets or other products to get what we need. Our intention with this product was to provide you with a set of tools, specially made for you to be creative without relying upon presets (even though we included a bunch of ideas just to get you started). Our first volume uses some wonderfully recorded metal/industrial source material.