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Gnomon視覺開發教程 The Gnomon Workshop Visual Development Vol 1 英文版 DVD

The Gnomon Workshop Visual Development Vol 1 (Gnomon視覺開發教程):

GNOMON教程,每每給我們於激情與期待!讓我們在CG設計路上不再獨行!讓我們共同期待!讓我們共同期待與業界CG頂尖設計師的面對面!少玩多花些時間多學習學習,讓我們的商業作品與眾不同! Gnomon的教程向來以其前沿的技術和清晰的視頻質量而受到廣大用戶的青睞.

Visual Development with Marc Gabbana Volume One

Traditional Techniques - Conceptualizing the TribalBot

Gnomon官方最新視覺開發教程The Gnomon Workshop Visual Development,這是第一卷。傳統工藝 - 概念化的TribalBot

作者Marc Gabbana是插畫和概念藝術家。在過去20年的產業中,一直工作於電影,廣告,遊戲和出版。對傳統和數碼影像特別是對建築,汽車,動物,人物和環境設計作品,有著自己獨特的眼光。最近的電影包括:貝奧武夫,怪獸屋和迪斯尼的聖誕頌歌,他是藝術總監。最近的遊戲包括生化奇兵2和鐵人2。

The Gnomon Workshop releases the first two titles from renowned illustrator and concept designer Marc Gabbana. The first tltle, Traditional Visual Develpment, takes you through Marc's process of developing a creative and unique robotic vehicle, aptly named the TribalBot, utilizing traditional mediums such as pencil , pen, and markers. His development process covers shading and perspective, but also stresses the importance of exploration of shape and form.

In his second title, Digital Rendering, Marc moves into the digital realm to refine and shade his creation. Using Adobe photoshop, he adds tonal variations to his pen drawings, emphasizing the importance of value, composition and light in creating mood and drama in a scene. Pulling from his extensive creative and technical background, he delivers a fully rendered concept that can only come from the mind of Marc Gabbana.


How 2D Orthographic Drawings Inform 3D Design
Mastering Perspective by Drawing Cubes
Anchoring Characters in Perspective
Using Key Lighting Concepts to Make Objects Appear Realistic
Exploring Shapes and Forms
Blue-line Pencil Drawing and Pen Sketching
Maintaining the Energy of a Gesture Drawing
Using Drafting Instruments for Precise Inking


Marc Gabbana

illustrator and Concept Artist

Marc has been working in the film, advertising, game and publishing industries for the past 20 years. He attended Lawrence Institute of Technology, where he studied architecture before graduating from the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit in 1990. Having worked with Lucas, Spielberg , the Wachowskis and Zemeckis, Marc's film credits include Star Wars: The Phantom Menace & Attack of the Clones, Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions, Polar Express, War of the Worlds, Jimmy Neutron-Boy Genius, 8 Mile, Hellboy and IMax's first all CG 3D movie Cyberworld where he worked as Production Designer. Recent movies include Beowulf, Monster House and Disney's A Christmas Carol where he was Art Director. Recent game titles include BioShock 2 and Iron Man 2. Marc continues to create images both traditionally and digitally with an emphasis on architectural, vehicle, creature, character and environmental design; works that reflect his own unique vision. His creative passion is to bring to life the myriad of creatures and monsters crawling around in his head.