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Total Training - Microsoft Outlook 2010 英文版 DVD

Total Training 出品的由 Erin A. Olsen 主講時長7小時的 Outlook 2010的使用視頻教程。本教程將學習如何充分利用Outlook的廣泛能力,為你更好地管理你的資訊和時間。學習更多的電子郵件,日曆,連絡人,任務和筆記,整套工具也僅是“發送”或“保存”這麼簡單,這將使你更加有工作效率。

Are you under the impression that Outlook is about e-mail? Well, you're not wrong but if that's all you think it is you are far from being fully accurate! Outlook is a personal information management system that allows you to create, organize and manage information. In this series you will learn how to fully utilize the extensive capabilities of Outlook, allowing you to better manage your information and your time. You'll learn there's more to e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes than just "Send" or "Save" including a whole set of tools that will make you more efficient and professional by integrating information in one place and using a common set of tools


1. Learn to setup profiles and configure e-mails so you can track all communications in one place
2. Extend your view of what can be done with e-mail and how it can look
3. Discover the benefits of keeping an electronic calendar including the ability to easily setup meetings and share it with others
4. Keep all your contact information with all the details and automate uses of that information
5. Keep a list of tasks you need to accomplish
6. Use folders, junk mail and rules to automate and organize information
7. Organize all of your information in one single place with a common set of tools that allow you to be efficient, effective and professional