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modo 501配套工具包 9b.studios.Studio.Environment.Set.1 英文版 DVD

由Yazan Malkosh專為Luxology公司製作的modo 501配套工具包- 9b工作室環境照明預置庫1。該工具包提供了用於設計製作地平面完成的HDRI球面圖像,能夠輕鬆獲得專業品質的工業產品,工程可視化,廣告藝術或包裝拍攝所需的各種工作室環境燈光設置。專為誰都可以選擇調用工作室/室內照明預置庫,但又不希望為每個項目花費時間來創建自定義照明設計的人。適用典型用戶:建築師,藝術家,工業設計師,工程師,包裝專家或CAD可視化專業人士。
Studio Environment Set 1 from 9b studios
Pre-built HDRI spherical maps for easy studio lighting
SES 1 provides a variety of designed HDRI spherical images complete with ground planes for easily obtaining professional-quality studio lighting for product shots, Engineering visualizations, advertising art, or packaging shots. It is designed for people who would like to be able choose studio/ interior lighting setups but do not want to invest the time set to create custom lighting set-ups for each project. The artists at 9b studios have done the work for you. Typical users of SES 1 are architects, artists, industrial designers, Engineers, packaging specialists or CAD visualization professionals.
Studio Environment Set 1
51 high dynamic range (4000x2000 .hdr format) images that are spherically mapped for use as environmental lighting sources
Experience Level:
All Levels