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  商品名稱: 彙編汽車資料庫 Vivid WorkshopData ATI v10.2 含破解文件 多國語言版 DVD
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彙編汽車資料庫 Vivid WorkshopData ATI v10.2 含破解文件 多國語言版 DVD

WorkshopData ATI基於Vivid的技術資料庫,是歐洲最廣泛的彙編汽車資料庫。專業版包含了必要的保養和維修的資料,調整數據,技術圖紙,保險絲和繼電器,故障碼診斷和引擎管理的數據。它還包括接線圖Airco系統。正時,繼電器查詢很方便,有的地方比AUTODATA做的要好的多。

該版本可選語言包括: 語言:英語、西班牙語、葡萄牙語

Vivid WorkshopData ATITM CD/DVD version
WorkshopData ATITM is our new information product available on CD and DVD. It is based on Vivid's technical database, the most extensive repertory of car data in Europe.

Our professional version contains essential maintenance and repair information, adjustment data, technical drawings, fuses and relays, fault code diagnosis and engine management data. It also includes wiring diagrams for airco systems.
Its content is beyond compare.

Extra modules are: Wiring diagrams (comfort electronics) and Repair Times .
It Offers The Best Price/quality Ratio In The Market!

Vivid WorkshopData ATITM has a clear and user-friendly interface. One licence can be used as a stand-alone application or in a network for 4 concurrent users.

Every six months Vivid WorkshopData ATITM is updated with new cars, new features and additional data. These updates are provided free to our users. The quality and quantity of (electronic) data included in WorkshopData ATITM is unrivalled.

* The data is strictly based on original OEM data.
* It offers the best price/quality ratio.
* Coverage on all current cars on the European market.
* It easily connects to other databases with unlimited opportunities for data exchange.