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In this installment of the illustrator Insider Training series, Seeing Through Transparency, Mordy Golding shows experienced illustrator users how to create transparency effects and ensure reliable printing results. This course reviews the history of vector transparency and covers features such as knockout groups, opacity masks, and transparency flattening. Mordy also shows how to establish a safe workflow when placing illustrator graphics containing transparency in PostScript, PDF, and InDesign files. Exercise files and a free worksheet are included with the course.

Topics include:

* Understanding how transparency works across the Adob??e applications

* Deconstructing the Transparency panel

* Adding transparency to gradients

* Understanding how overprints and knockouts work

* Using a gradient or complex appearance as an opacity mask

* The rules of transparency flattening

* Working with complex regions

* Understanding the relationship between flattening and stacking order

* Creating and sharing flattener presets

* Saving PDF files and using the PDF/X standards