商品編號: xdvd3898c
  商品名稱: windows home server restore disc x86 簡體中文 CD
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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windows home server restore disc x86 簡體中文 CD

You are downloading the windows Home Server Evaluation Edition DVD. This software is intended for evaluation purposes only.

IMPORTANT: You will need to install this software on a dedicated machine that will function only as your home server. When you install windows Home Server software all of the existing programs and files on the hard drives will be deleted. In order to preserve any existing data, you must ensure you have a back up copy on a separate computer or external hard drive prior to installation of the windows Home Server software.

You must accept the License Terms presented during the setup program to use the windows Home Server Evaluation Edition. By downloading and using the software, you consent to the license terms. If you do not accept the License Terms, you are not authorized to use the software. As a reminder, when you burn the software onto a DVD, the license terms prohibit you from transferring that disk to anyone else.
Please refer to the windows Home Server Product Guide and the windows Home Server Release Documentation, available from the windows Home Server Support Page, for instructions regarding installation and functionality of the software.