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  商品名稱: Zenhiser Drum Rolls And Fills Club Wav 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 CD
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Zenhiser Drum Rolls And Fills Club Wav 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 CD

This is probably one our most requested line of samples and loops here at Zenhiser to date, so get ready because we're coming out all guns blazing with a whole line of drum roll, drum fill and drum roll fx over the coming year!

"Drum Rolls & Fills Club" delves deep into a sample world that until now hasn't really been covered. Ranging from live sounding drum roll sounds through to heavily processed drum machine fills and drum rolls "Drum Rolls & Fills Club" is an absolute must for every dance music producer and remixer. Constructed from the ground up and created solely to deliver a new sample arsenal to all producers, this collection of drum roll sounds delves deep into the drum sample realm and slams out a sample pack of intrinsic drum rolls and fills suited perfectly to the professional producer.

Packed full of 200 clubby drum rolls and drum fills all mastered to heavenly levels and stacked at 128bpm for ease of use, this new drum roll line by Zenhiser fits perfectly into your sample collection and fills a space you never knew was there!

Get ready to add a whole new level of drum transitions within your music productions with "Drum Rolls & Fills Club".