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  商品名稱: 由 Ask Video 公司推出的 Game Audio 102 Implementing Audio in Unity 音樂製作教學
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由 Ask Video 公司推出的 Game Audio 102 Implementing Audio in Unity 音樂製作教學

由 Ask Video 公司推出的  Game Audio 102 Implementing Audio in Unity 音樂


- 主講人是 Steve Horowitz 與 Scott Looney

- 教學時間約 0 個小時又 125 分

- 適用所有學習者

- 教學中示範中所用的軟體為


01. Introduction

02. Downloading & Installing Unity

03. The Unity Project

04. Importing your Assets

05. Audio Source vs. Audio Listener

06. Flythrough Mode

07. More Audio Source Config

08. More Ambiences & Saving Settings

09. Arrays & First Person Controller

10. Reverb Zones

11. Scripting in Unity

12. Using Variables in Your Scripts

13. Setting Up a Trigger

14. Using ’OnTriggerExit’

15. Turning an Object On & Off

16. Booleans & Conditionals

17. Triggering Random Music Clips

18. Setting Up a Remotely Triggered Sound

19. Why Messaging Is Important

20. Music Triggering in a Game

21. Testing the Music Scripting

22. Troubleshooting & Best Practices

23. The WebPlayer Build

24. Testing & Reducing Your Build Size

25. Learning More On Unity

26. The Asset Store