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  商品名稱: VTC com Adobe InDesign CS6 Advanced 視頻教學
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VTC com Adobe InDesign CS6 Advanced 視頻教學

Adobe InDesign CS6: Advanced picks up where the Beginner course left

off. Long-time VTC author Brian White introduces you to InDesign.s

advanced features which will take your knowledge of the software to

the next level. The course begins with a thorough look at text.

graphic. and special-effect features before progressing through the

creation of tables and long documents. Brian then shifts into InDesign.s

powerful interactive features. Starting with the new PDR interactive

forms. the course then covers interactive PDF & SWF. The chapter on

the Digital Publishing Suite shows you how to get a publication created

for the iPAD. The course then concludes with an introduction to e-pub

documents. To begin learning today. simply click on the movie links