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  商品名稱: Total Training Adobe Muse 視頻教學
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
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Total Training Adobe Muse 視頻教學

With Total Training for Adobe Muse. Adobe specialist Jeremy Goldberg will

teach you how to build beautiful websites without writing any code.

Instead of thinking about technology. simply focus on design by combining

graphics. stunning typography. and rich interactivity.

Add unique tablet and phone layouts to your website with complete control

and then publish your website to the provider of your choice. Adobe Muse

makes building websites easy and fast.

By the time you have completed watching this training series. you.ll know

how to build a great website without writing any code and have all the

skills you need to add graphics. beautiful typography and rich

interactivity to your projects. You will also be able to create custom

mobile designs and publish your website with just a few clicks.


How to build a complete website without writing any code

How to define Master pages

How to add beautiful typography with web fonts

How to add rich interactivity with widgets

How to make custom mobile sites