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Total Training Adobe InDesign CS6 Essentials 視頻教學

Total Training for Adobe InDesign CS6 Essentials offers a comprehensive foundation for

working with this versatile desktop publishing application. This course will teach you

how to efficiently design page layouts for print or screen. starting with the basics

of the program and interface. then moving into more advanced topics.

Adobe Certified Expert. Randy Hagen. shows you how to set up custom InDesign workspaces.

the basics of layouts. how to build. quality check and package your InDesign projects.

and how to use InDesign.s formatting tools to quickly and efficiently produce quality.

consistent documents.

You.ll also learn to work with InDesign.s long document production functions. how to

create and work with templates. and how to design interactive digital forms and PDFs.


Using Guides to Help Align Page Design Elements Perfectly. and Use Align/Distribute

Functions to Cheat those Alignments by Design

Quality-Checking. Fixing and Packaging InDesign Documents

Using Paragraph and Character Styles. Templates and Importing Functions to Speed Production

and Apply Consistent Designs to Recurring Documents

How to Quickly and Efficiently Apply the Rules of Standard Document Design. as well as How

to Creatively Break them Occasionally for Design Effect

The Basics of Creating Interactive Digital Forms with Adobe InDesign CS6